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Affiliate Marketing Online or Internet Marketing is todays top business to work at home.

If your new to affiliate marketing, or online marketing, you may not know everything possible about this type of marketing strategy.  The good news is that, all you really need to know is a little bit of knowledge.  With that little knowledge, I promise you can get to where you may want to be.

Internet marketing or online marketing is actually quite easy once you know just a few simple “how to do it.”  The bigger problem is that most people approach it as a huge project instead of taking marketing in little steps.

Think of Baby-steps.  Just put one foot in front of the other or in the case of affiliate marketing online, learn the basic skills about affiliate marketing then apply this skill to basic online marketing.

It’s not a big deal.  Just do the basics, learn, make mistakes, redo, learn again, and soon you will become a master.  However, don’t make the fatal mistake many amateurs make….They Try To Do TOO Much At The Same Time.

As mention, learn what is affiliate marketing, how to get started and your on your way.  Again, not a big deal.

Learn about online marketing and how to do online marketing.

Then put the two of them together.  Your now marketing online!

Well there’s a little more to than that…but you get the idea.

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As mentioned, “Put One Foot In Front Of The Other” by become good at one social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a host of others.  Once you master that “ONE” program, then and only then do you go to another.

Affiliate marketing is no different.  Master one strategy before going to another.  It is at this point that you put Blinders on and become laser focus on what needs to be done.

Affiliate marketing does have some major advantages.  Read those advantages in future articles, but for right now let’s look at some basic starting points.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 3Affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, and there will always be new marketing strategies to learn.  Just apply Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing together and you can make a boat full of money.

With affiliate marketing, you have a product to promote such as Nike Shoes.  When someone purchases Nike Shoes from you website, you make a commission.  Another program is to promote a Affiliate Marketing Companies product.  When someone purchases from your website, you make a commission.

These two programs are identical in the basic business model.  The only difference, is your a member of the Affiliate Marketing Company, while your are only a affiliate to, Nike in this case.

Your job is to promote that product.  This simplifies your day to day activities.  All you have to do is put together a successful online marketing campaign.

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Any good marketing campaign begins with a lead capture page.  Your capture page will collect email addresses, name and in some cases phone number.  One word of advice here:  Many people will give you a “false or bogus email.”  Plan on it and move on.

Your capture page is valuable since you will be building a list of potential customers. Once you have the mailing list, you can send out information about sales, promote certain items or even solicit feedback from customers and that’s how the Big Boy’s Do It.  Nothing can be more simpler.

Marketing Research

Market Research or as I like calling it “Market Discovery” is all about finding a need and filling that need. It is important to address problems or issues so that customers or potential customers see you as a source of information. Customers will tell others if they received excellent service from you, and word of mouth advertising is the best kind.

A lot of people in affiliate marketing, don’t do much Market Discovery and then wonder why they aren’t getting visitors or traffic.

Market Discovery sounds like you must have a MBA.  It really is no big deal (here’s that phrase again).  Marketing Discovery is nothing more than to know who you’re targeting your products or products to and fulfilling their wants or needs.

Who wears shoes?  There is your market.  Not exactly….too broad.  Who wears running shoes?  Much better.  Now target those people with your Nike product.

Now there is one more item you must know and do.  This is where most affiliate marketers will not do, and that is to find the most appropriate Key Words.

Keywords, are words people search for on Google or Bing.  Search “running shoes” and your there.  Search “Nike running shoes” and your there.  Easy..well almost, but you get the idea.

A good research tool and one I use exclusive is Jaaxy.  It is a awesome tool and one you should have in your business kit.

Internet marketing is an ever-changing field, so you will continually need to research latest techniques.

Powerful Strategy

information overloadOffer answers to customers problems or issues on your site. Most visitors come to websites to find information or how to solve a problem.  If you are unwilling to provide answers, you may be losing potential customers. Giving them detailed information both satisfies their curiosity and increases the likelihood that they will buy from you.

This is where your research comes in.  What are people looking for?  What are their issues?  What can you do to help solve these problems and issues?  Know Your Target Audience…important!

You might not know it, but you are already equipped with all the resources you need in order to be successful in internet marketing. You don’t need elaborate software or a wild, far-fetched scheme, you only need yourself.  Do your homework, get experience and work hard to pave your own path to being a successful internet marketer.

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing you need to know is what your competition is up to. You can check your competition’s site to see what they have and how they are marketing their products. You can get a good idea of the number of visitors they are getting, and that can help you determine how you are doing.

YouTube is another great source of information.  What are people posting.  Look at how many people have viewed the YouTube post.  If you see hundred of views. there is your information on what people are searching for.

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My favorite marketing strategy is Blogging.  What I like about a blog is that I only have to create a well written blog about my product, the product benefits, why my target audience needs the products, use a few well placed Keywords in the article and post it.  That article will be there for years and years.  I never have to touch it again.  In fact many successful affiliate marketers are receiving commissions from articles they wrote years ago.

Your site will rank higher in search results if you keep updating your blog every week with fresh content. You can easily accomplish this by writing about what you found in your Market Discovery.

Your blog should have good content addressing the problem, desires or wants your target market is looking for.  Also offer tips and advice.

While Internet marketing can seem similar in some ways to traditional marketing, it also has major differences. As an example, the search engines might alter the way that they rank webpages by shifting their attention from title tags to some other element of the page instead. If this happens, you may need to put more work into other venues, like viral video marketing.

Your Budget

A huge mistake many new marketers make is now funding their business.  Any business requires some start-up money, and affiliate marketing is no different.

But the good news, you don’t need to take out a loan, or mortgage the house or offer your first born to fund your business.

I started my business well under $500.  That was money well spent.  Since then I have invested a couple thousand dollars in my education from money I made from the $500.

When someone tells me that they don’t have $500 to invest, I tell them, “Then you really need to start a part-time source of income.”  Or they may say, “I don’t have $500 dollars.” I look at it this way, they either need to so something to get the $500 (garage sale or sell their mountain bike) or their not motivated enough to start a home based business.

Also, keep your advertising budget from growing out of control. You shouldn’t spend your dollars on services that won’t properly benefit your business. Make sure that your money is being spent towards something that will benefit you.


Luckily, there is a lot of information that can help you with Internet marketing. You don’t need to learn every detail of the topic either.  Remember, put one foot in front of another, in small baby-steps.

You can learn quite a bit from Googling and YouTube.

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Okay, well here’s To Your Success





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