5 Tips To Get Better Ranking In Google

 By now, you’ve probably realized how important social media is for your business and how it can improve customer engagement, help generate high quality content, and even drive online sales. So todays article will discusses 5 tips to get better ranking in google with Social Media.


Affiliate marketing programs and social media marketing are proven machines to create sales, especially if you know how to blend the two together successfully.

Let me say that again:  “Social media and affiliate marketing are truly a perfect match.” You can sell or promote just about anything on social media platforms, organically or with paid ads.

The 5 areas are:

  1. Research Your Target Market
  2. Advertise High-Quality Products or Services
  3. Use Link Shorteners
  4. A Picture Is Worth A thousand Words
  5. Affiliate Partners

Below are the five tips to help you take full advantage of social media platforms to rank higher in Google for use in your affiliate marketing business.

Are there more than the 5?  YES.  However, use the 5 mentioned to begin with.  Master these and then add additional SEO ideas.

1. Research Your Target Market

I find that most people roll their eyes back when I say “Research” your market.  For some reason the word Research means a “lot of work.”

Any good marketer will tell you that you need to know who you are targeting with your product or services.

As an example:  You have shoes in your product line.  Shoes is a broad line.  If your market is kids, you need to research what kids need in the way of shoes.  So now your target market is Kids Running Shoes.

Since a lot of people avoid “Research” I like to use the word “Market Discovery” as my way of discovering who my target market is.

It is very important to research your marketing or again, what I like to call it market discovery.

How To Blog For Affiliate Success
Market Discovery

Without market discovery is like:  Jumping into a swimming pool not knowing how to swim.

You have to know your target audience, what they want, what makes them buy, how you can solve their problem as well as the product or products you’re advertising.

Knowing your target audience and what they are searching for is the only way to know how to choose the right social media platform for your campaigns.

Your social media use by most potential customers are, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog sites and others.  Focus on these 4 sites and become a master in knowing how to use them for getting customers to you before going to others.

Now back to Market Discovery.

The best way to find what your potential customers are looking for is to use “Keywords.”

Use Google to get good idea for what people are searching for.

You can also use Keyword search tools such as JAAXY to get focused keywords.

Make sure to know the following about your target audience:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Habits
  • Interests
  • What are their needs

2. Advertise High-Quality Products Or Services

The type of affiliate products your advertising or affiliate company has a massive impact on your affiliate marketing campaigns and your audience.

Linking to low-quality products rarely brings good results as well as affiliate companies that are not the best in quality training and support.

This can be tough since there are sooo many products and/or affiliate companies to promote.  This is where your “market discovery” comes to play.

Good example:  Lest’s go back to shoes.  As mentioned, you want to promote shoes to children.  Do you promote, Skechers, Stride Rite, Carnival, Foot Locker or a lesser known brand?

Sketchers could be a great choice, but maybe Foot Locker has more choices.  Proper market discovery will help you determine which children shoes is best for your marketing campaign.

You’ll have more success with products that you truly believe in or you have had experience with, because your promotions will come off as more authentic.

If you can impress your target audience with your knowledge and experience with the product, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you.

This can result in more traffic and more sales.

It’s always better to focus on a few products that mean a lot to you rather than promoting dozens of products of suspect quality.

Again, use keywords to narrow down your audience and your selected products or affiliate company.

3. Link Shorteners

It’s becoming easier than ever to spot affiliate links.

This can turn people off and seem sketchy to a savvy audience, especially when you’re promoting products “organically” to your potential customers.

Instead of using an affiliate link, you can make & use a redirect link.

Search Google for URL Shorteners and you will find sites as:  tinyurl, bitly, cutt.ly and more.

Some of these are free shorteners, while other may have a monthly fee.

These are short links that look simpler and cleaner, so they can be more attractive to click on.

Just make sure that it’s not banned on your social media platform of choice.

Here’s an example:  Wikipedia is a great site for information. The site URL is….https://www.wikipedia.org/   Using a shortener it now looks like:  https://t.ly/hxy7s.

This especially useful when you have a long and/or complicated URL

Link shorteners are a lot more pleasing to your customers than long links.

4. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Add Pictures to your site

It’s been said hundreds of times, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This saying exists for a reason. Along with videos, photos are the best way to draw your audiences attention on social media platforms.

Take your own browsing experience as an example. You’re more likely to stop on a Facebook post that has photos, rather than one with a single line of text.

Use product photos, or at least those related to the product, to best attract users.

Vague photos will only confuse or turn readers away from your contest.  It’s much better to use pictures, photos or videos that pique people’s curiosity to be effective in getting people to click on your link.

Again, use picture of your product if possible or related photos.

A good source of free picture for your blog or social media is Pixabay.

5. Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners
Affiliate Partners

There are thousands of affiliate marketers online. You can form great partnerships by connecting with them and helping each other’s business.

But where exactly do you find partners?

The best place is…Social media!

A partnership allows you to share links and posts on their site as well as yours. You can cross-promote products and merge yours and their audiences.

If there are some competitors that impress you, just think about how it can transform your affiliate business if you actually team up with them.

It’s actually very easy to find these affiliate partners than you think.  There is also a plus side.  By partnering with a well known affiliate marketer, you become better known as well as producing more followers and possibly more sales.


You just read the 5 tips to get better ranking in google with Social Media.

Are there more tips?  Yes, but these 5 are simple and easy to get started with.  The 5 tips can be your foundation for success in your affiliate marketing business.

Here are more tips to your success:  7 Rules of marketing

The amount of information shared on social media is at record highs. And it’s why platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be powerful tools for just about any affiliate marketer.

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