Goal Setting Is Crazy Hard And Is It Necessary?

Most people don’t know how to set goals because goal setting is crazy hard, and many others simply don’t accomplish the goals they set.  So is it really necessary?

How about the importance of goal setting?  or Personal goal setting?  Maybe what is goal setting?

However, the question today is: “Is making a Map (planning) the same as Goal Setting?”  Not at all.

Let’s take a quick look at both Goal Setting and Planning For Success.

By the way this is a 2-part series.  The second part is a proven program recommendation.


Goal Setting Disappointment

The problem with goal setting is that most goals want you to set a date.  And by the way you should.

Problem…if you don’t make your goal by that date, you can become discouraged and many quit whatever they were setting the goal to do.


A Map can take a day a week, a month a year or more.  No pressure just a step-by-step course of actions to your destination.

What is the destination?  Your Goal!

Goal Setting

Many, books have been written about setting goals.  You can take courses on Goal Setting.  Attend seminars on goal settings, review YouTube.

Google “goal settings” and up will come hundreds of articles.  How do I know—I have taken many courses on:

  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Importance Of Goal Settings
  • Setting goals to get What You Want
  • Goal Setting 101
  • Goal Setting Tools

Everyone who has written, or podcast goal settings are similar with minor variations.  If you have ever tried to set a goal is goes something like this:

“I will loose 45 lbs. this year.  I will cut back on fast foods.  I will eat healthy.  I will exercise daily.”


“I will start a new business to make money.  By the end of the year I will have made $100,000.”

Now what is wrong with these goals?

Well first neither one has a start date and end date.  Neither one has any plans on how to accomplish this.  And neither has a review date (a date to review if they are on track i.e.: 6 months)

Finally, If your 250 lbs. and have been 250 lbs. for years, loosing 45 lbs. maybe too much.  Break it down to 20 lbs. in 3 months and 25 lbs. in another 3 months.

If you’re starting a new business, and expecting to earn $100,000 the first year, that is unrealistic.  It’s better to set a goal that is reachable i.e.:  $36,000.

Failing to meet a goal can be devastating.  Some people get very depressed when a goal is not met.

Setting a goal is an “Art.” 

Think about the goal.  Write it down, re-read the goal and re-write until it make sense and attainable.

Here is an example of one the books I read.

“Too many of us treat goal setting the same way. We dream about where we want to go,
but we don’t have a map to get there.

What is a Map?

In essence, a map is a set of written direction to get to where you want to go.

What is the difference between a dream and a goal? Once again, the written direction.

We need to do more than simply scribble down some ideas on a piece of paper.

Our goals need to be complete and focused, much like a Road Map, and that is the purpose
behind this article.

If you follow the steps, I’ve outlined below you will be well on your way to becoming an
expert in building the Road Map to your Goals.

  1. Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good.
  2. A goal can not contradict any of your other goals.
  3. Write your goal in the positive instead of the negative. You can’t buy a $750,000 house if your income goal is only $50,000 per year.
  4. Write your goal out in complete detail.
  5. This is the most important, “write down your goals.”

Sounds great but many people just simply can’t write a goal even given the above guides.

Even more, once written many just simply don’t follow or lose focus and go back to everyday events of “hoping it happens.”

So how do we at Planning-4-Success look at Maps and how does it differ from Goal Setting?

Systemic Approach to Certain Results

Well in a nut-shell, Planning-For-Success is a systemic approach to reach a certain result.  The result is what ever you want it to be.

I like making a MAP with a GOAL as the result.

Let’s look at a Map

An airline pilot makes a plan (map) to fly from Chicago to Los Angles. He checks his equipment to make sure every thing is proper working order.

  • He makes sure he has all the tools needed.
  • He checks to see if his “team” is ready.
  • He checks to see if there are any conditions that will make the trip unattainable.
  • He has a start date and an end date.
  • When all is set, he puts the plan in motion.

Step 1.  He starts the engines, and takes off.

Step 2. He fly’s west toward Des Moines, IA.  Then slightly SW toward Topeka, KS. Then west across Nevada and lands in Los Angles.

Step 3.  Along the way he may run into bad weather.  So he changes course to Dallas, TX west to Phoenix, AZ and lands in Los Angles.

  • The pilot had a beginning and an ending.
  • He made sure he had the tools.
  • He had points showing his progress.
  • When something interfered with his route he made alterations, with a coach (controller) and continued.
  • He never stopped, looked back or changed his destination or the goal…Los Angles.

Unlike a goal, which is a series of paragraphs, a Map is a series of planned steps…Map.

When a step is completed move to the next step.  If something interferes, change that step only and move to the next step.

It’s simple, easy, direct, you design the Map, and anyone can do it.

Here is an exercise to show how to develop a MAP

Get a Road Map if possible.  If you don’t have a road map, open your computer and Google, maps.

When it opens plan a trip.  In this case I want you to design a map from Chicago to Los Angles.

If you have a road map, highlight your trip.

  • Where will you be stopping along the way?
  • What roads will you be taking?
  • How long will it take to get to Los Angles?

On the computer, get a step-by-step directions.

All of a sudden something changes and you have alter your road trip to Dallas.  Redo your road map or on your computer.

See how easy it was to go from Chicago to Los Angles when you have a Map.

Now of course your Goal was “Los Angles.”

Planning-For-Success Example


Today, I make $65,000 per year working at a job, I want $40,000 per year after taxes with my own business (realistic).

  • I have a computer, the necessary software, support material (tools)
  • I have my business opportunity or identified business. (plane)
  • I have an account with Facebook (or any social media you like).
  • My team is ready (if you don’t have a team, add this as a goal).
  • I have experts to ask for directions and support (control tower)
  • I have my Start Date and my End Date (today 1/1/01 and end date 1/2/02)
  • Is there anything that will stop me? (if yes identify and take care of it).
  • $40,000 by xx,xx,xxxx (date)

Map out your steps.  Alter your steps if necessary (review the steps 2-3-6 months)


If you notice, it’s just a series of steps and corrections.  Use your coach and support team to help with the difficult stuffs.

Even with a MAP, many people will get Stuck

When you get stuck, this is where a good coach (health coach, family or support team) comes in to help identify where you’re stuck and offer help and advice.

One of the most valuable assets you have is that Support Team.


Planning-4-Success can be your support.  We have various articles on tips, advice, suggestions, how to’s and recommendations.

Any of our recommendations have been evaluated, by our team for quality, support, trends, cost, legal, growth, good value to cost, and “does it actually work” or is it just a fad.

Planning-4-Success has many years of experience in marketing, business development, coaching and best of all…we specialize in making sound decisions through knowledge.

Planning-4-Success will never-ever Push or Pressure in making-a-decision.  We believe our readers are intelligent enough to make their own decision.

All they need is to be informed.

Planning-4-Success does have 2 recommendation that met or exceeded our reviews.

You can see them on the right or in various articles or under the TABS above.


  • Are goals necessary? Absolutely
  • Are goals difficult to create and keep? Absolutely
  • Are goals part of a plan? Absolutely
  • Is a Map better than a Goal? NO!  A Map has an imbedded goal.

Lay out your Map with an End In Mind.

Alter your Plan when necessary.

Meet your goal by completing every step in your Map.

When you complete a step, congratulate yourself by doing something you like (take a break for a day, go to the movies, dinner out, have a beer)

Start your Map (date) end your Map (date) Change your end date, if necessary (but not too often)

Enjoy, have fun, don’t stress out, relax and Do The Work…okay?

Here’s to your new MAP.


About the Author


Bill Fletcher is an experienced marketer and coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a business through a systematic approach to success. With a professional team of experts, we will guide you with some of the best articles and coaching program available anywhere. I have available some of the best coaches in the area of affiliate marketing willing to help and guide you to success. it is safe to assume that I am an affiliate for products that I recommend. Please note that I will make a commission if you buy through my link.

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