Affiliate Marketing vs.Television and Cable TV

In this article, I will discuss the affiliate marketing business vs the television and cable TV.  We all love the television.  Television is entertaining.  We watch our favorite programs and tend to get into the program or movie with great excitement.  We are scared in horror movies, laugh at comedies, cry in dramas and intrigued in romance.

At one time radio was our go-to for news, weather and entertainment, however with the invention of the television in September, 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth we now get our news from television, weather and sitcoms.

Television is great entertainment but there is a down side!

What is Normal…Are You Normal?

You maybe reading this article because you are DONE being normal or the title Affiliate Marketing vs Television caught your eye.

In the title you saw Affiliate Marketing, so this will be some what slanted to Affiliate Marketing.

I’m an affiliate marketer and have been for over 7 years.  As said, I will be slanting this discussion toward affiliate marketing and it’s advantages.

But what about Normal?

Being Normal is not a bad thing.  I choose not to be normal, seeing how so many are struggling and not knowing WHY?

In my opinion, when you take a look at normal…

  • Normal is boring.
  • Normal people are a pay check away from broke.
  • Normal gets you poor results in terms of financial growth and personal satisfaction.
  • Normal people struggle to pay their bills.
  • Normal people have lots of debt that burdens them throughout their entire lifetime.
  • Normal people are un-inspired and are living weekend to weekend.
  • Normal people dread Mondays and live for Fridays.
  • Normal people complain about their lives.
  • Normal people spend 1-2 hours PER DAY in rush-hour traffic.
  • Normal people watch a lot of television.

Home Based Business

Now I’m not saying that a home based business or a home based business opportunity is something you need to do to keep from being normal.

My next door neighbor and two other neighbors are normal.  They are cheerful, fun to be around, seems to be financially okay, nice homes and two cars.

And they don’t have a home based business or any other kind of business, yet I consider them to be normal.


I took the Normal bullets above to provide a starting point in why so many people today are looking for something else to get away from the typical normal habits.

Do you really need a home based business?  That’s completely up to you.  However, from my experience I don’t see home based business owners as being Normal.

There is a look in their eyes, the way they walk, the way talk, the way they look at life styles.  How they act and live.

Home based business owners are NOT NORMAL!

Many spend their time starting a new business, learning, growing and expanding their existing business.  They are learning new and exciting marketing strategies. They maybe teaching other how to be a business owner. They tend to be “out-go people”, helpful, encouraging, willing to get envolved and likable.

Again, does that mean you have to be in a business to keep you from being normal?  NO!  I’m using the term NORMAL as a metaphor for what I see in people who just set back and watch the world go by and complain about being where they are.

Let’s Look At What Normal People Do….

…again I’m using this as an example and not degrading anyone.

Normal people watch 4-8 hours of TV per day.  Some even have dinner in front of the television.  At one time you could even buy TV Dinners from the store.

Others schedule time to watch favorite programs.

If you ask them about the hours they watch TV, most will say, “Oh, I don’t watch that much TV”.  However, statics show the average watching hours to be 4-8 hours.

Well, someone is watching TV because the advertisers are still advertising and paying 10’s of thousands of dollars per minute.

The average American home has any where from 2-3-4 TV’s.

About 85% of households have a TV located in the living room, the master bedroom, kitchen, garage, entertainment room and even in the bathroom.

Go to Best Buy and you will see television in all different sizes.  The most popular are the Big Screen TV’s.

Television has become so popular that many companies are now in the television business.

Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon, Disney, and YouTube plus dozens more saw an opportunity to get in on this popular opportunity.

Cable companies and satellite dish are a popular way of getting television into your home.

However, “Cutting The Cable” has now become a local word.

Hours In Front Of The Television

Binge-watching is the act of watching multiple episodes of a program in a single sitting.

A lot of us do it.  I have even been caught spending Saturday binge watching or Sunday during the football season.

This phenomenon of binge-watching originated in the Digital Age when streaming videos became easily accessible due to the advancement in technology and the low costs of unlimited bandwidth.

It was once said, “Watching television is like watching someone making money while you watch.”

Again, don’t get me wrong.  I watch my favorite TV program.  I watch movies on Netflix, Disney and now YouTube.

I watch sports, my most disturbing habit is football and baseball.

I am careful because I can get caught up in seasonal programs such as American’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, Specials and a host of others.

My wife kids me about watching Judge Judy.

I Put Down The Remote And Did Something Out Of  The Norm

Let me restate….

Is normal okay?  Of course it is if that’s is what you want.  Is watching the television okay?  Of course it is.  Is Bing-Watching okay?  In my opinion….ha!

So as mentioned, I enjoy television.  I enjoy watching the TV with the family.  I enjoy sports, but for me television can become boring and monotonous.

About 20 years ago I did something out of the norm.  I went back to college to get a doctorate in Audiology.

I opened my own Private Healthcare Practice, Doctor Of Audiology.

This was a change from the corporate life that I was living.

This was a welcome change because I was now the boss.  I now controlled my own destiny.  I could work without someone telling me what to do.

But it came with a cost!

If the doors weren’t open…no income. No days off.  No sick days.  No vacation.  I did it all.

  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Cleaning
  • Hiring
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Returns
  • Insurance (very expensive0
  • Paying the bills

Let me back-up.  My wife was my partner and she did a lot of the day-to-day tasks.

But still, I was opened every day no matter what and even some weekends and holidays.

Bad decision?   Not At All!

But it did take a toll on us over the years.

I Looked For Something Part-Time

I tried many part-time ventures:

  • Network Marketing
  • Franchises
  • Personal Coaching
  • Trade Fairs
  • Coupons

None of these worked and ending up costing me money and wasted time.

It was during this time that I got caught up in television.

One day, I will remember it always, I was on the computer searching Google for something to do part-time with out leaving my practice.

I was not willing to give up my practice and didn’t want to be burden with Network Marketing, and lot of NO’s, Franchise in which I had to operate based upon their rules, Personal Coaching, Trade Fairs, and Coupon Selling.

Network Marketing

For me Network Marketing was a chore.

A lot of No’s.  You need an army of people to make any good money.  Trying to get someone to stop watching TV and build a business.  Making presentations, products, returns, explaining why my product was better than….

No, Network Marketing Didn’t Work For Me!


I purchased a franchise in photography.  Sports photography.

This required weekends which was perfect.

However, it required a monthly fee even if I didn’t work.  It required inventory, shipping, selling, reshoots (sometimes during the day) and delivery of sport pictures to the coaches.

It worked but took time away from my main income, our practice.

Coaching, Trade Fairs, Coupons

These were personal.  Coaching healthcare, attending trade fairs on healthcare and trying to sell coupons to be redeemed at a discount for videos.

Difficult and not to my liking.

Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned, I was searching Google for something.  Something I could get my head around and still keep my practice.

I saw something but went on by.  Couple days later my interest started to peak and I tried to find what I saw a few days ago.

Lucky I found that link again.  The words sounded interesting.

“The 30 Minute Work Day Escape Plan”

Of course it wasn’t true.  Probably a scam or a lead to get me to buy more.

But 30 minutes.  I could do that if, and only if it was true.

But it also said this was a free PDF Ebook written by one of the top Internet marketers.

FREE….what did I have to loose…nothing.  I was not going to buy anything, get involved in anything, all I wanted was a Free PDF Ebook.

Long story short, I received the Ebook, and was amazed in the amount of information and how easy it was to break-down the basic principles of marketing.

I told my wife that this was 187 pages of pure gold.

The Ebook lead me into meeting Mike and Paul from the Home Business Academy (HBA)

What I saw with HBA, Mike and Paul was truly exciting, low investment, a lot of “Done-For-You” set-up, current training, and daily, weekly and monthly webinars with some of the top people in marketing.

Mike and Paul are real people.  Someone you want to know and be around.

Am I trying to sell you on HBA?  Of course, because I found this Home Business Academy program the best I ever looked at.

Once Again Normal

If I have a choice to work for myself or for someone else….

……get up at 5:30 am to an alarm clock (that jerks me out of bed) then, with glazed-over eyes, jump into my car with my coffee only to creep along in 10 mph rush-hour traffic for an hour, for 40 hours, for 40 years with people that I typically enjoy but could do without, a job that causing me to complain about, year in a year out, all so I can scrape by with no prospect of every really getting ahead,

I’ll join The Home Business Academy (HBA) anytime…given the choice.

Working 40-50 years at a job is a slow lobotomy that very quietly eats away at your spirit.

In most cases it kills whatever drive you had to grow and contribute. Now I know, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s interesting to notice how many people complain about how much they hate their boss or their job.

I also find it interesting how many people complain about not having enough money or not enough time to spend doing the the things they want to do. The negativity that permeates a typical working environment destroys the human spirit over time.

Finally and a Commercial

It’s okay to buck the system and be different.

Home business owners are unique.  However, what appeals to one may not appeal to another.  No one is normal.  Normal is just a term.

But, I will say home business owners are different.  We like challenges, opportunities, working for ourself, independent, rewarding, unlimited potential for growth, and helping others.

Home business owners don’t require expensive degrees.

We think we have a better way of life.  We tend to have more fun.

In my Google search I came across the 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan and then the Home Business Academy.

Take a look at the 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan and enjoy 187 pages of pure gold and it is FREE.

Then look over the most advanced affiliate program ever devised, The Home Business Academy.

I promise you will not be disappointed.






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