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In this article, I’ll attempt to answer some common question about affiliate marketing that I keep being asked.  I’ve had people come to me with the ideal of starting an affiliate business, or can I make money with affiliate marketing, but for some reason did not begin, or having issues or decided to quit or did not make money….WHY?

So to help, below I listed some of the common questions I’ve received over the years.

Just to let you know, the answers are going to be short with little in-depth comments.

I have articles that go into greater details.  So again, this is a quick Question and Answer session.

Most Common Questions

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Do I get Started?
  • Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?
  • Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Start?
  • Where Do I Get Affiliate Marketing Training?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing The Same As Network Marketing?
  • How Long Does It Take To Become Successful?
  • I Heard Affiliate Marketing Is Hard Work?

These are some of the most common question.  Definitely not all the questions I’ve received.

Let’s now provide some quick answer these questions.

Question and Answers

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?

I have a full article on this question.  Affiliate Marketing Is Today’s Top Business Model?

Answer:  However, Affiliate marketing is a process where you earn a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser using an affiliate link. The you as the affiliate partner is rewarded a commission for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser.

  • How Do I Get Started?

Again, I have a full article on Affiliate Marketing Business.  Is Affiliate Marketing Worth The Effort?   Affiliate Marketing Is Today’s Top Business Model

Answer: The first step to start affiliate marketing is to research a product or company you want to promote.  As an example: You want to become an affiliate with Amazon.

Simply sign up to Amazon Associates and you then get your own affiliate link to any product on Amazon.  The same for any other product or company you want to promote. Find their affiliate sign-up and request to be an affiliate.  You then receive an Affiliate Link you use to promote to your target audience.   Very Easy.

  • Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer because everyone is different with different ideas and goals.  The answer is YES, however it does take time, effort, dedication and training.  Affiliate marketing is not a get rich program.  The more effort and time you devote in your business, the better your success.  What about NO!  A lot of people start a business, any business with great expectations only to become complacent and quit.

  • Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Answer: Affiliate marketing is a great business model for beginners.  Easy to start, low cost, tons of training, all kinds of products or companies to choose from.  Some of the top experts were at one time beginners.  Is it easy?  No, but with proper training, effort, and time, affiliate marketing is a good program for beginners.

  • Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Answer: This is by far the most common question I get.  My quick answer is YES.  However, affiliate marketing works only if you work!  This is not a hobby!  If you are serious in building a successful business, any business, there is work involved.  The major problem is, a lot of people are not willing to do what is necessary to make it work.  If they don’t see money rolling in after a few weeks or months, they give up and quick.  Affiliate Marketing Does Work!

  • How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

Answer: The answer may surprise you.  It cost Nothing To Get Started. Becoming an affiliate with a company is no cost.  However, you need some basic tools.  You need a computer.  If your new, I suggest you get training.  You should have a website or blog site.  And if you join an affiliate marketing company, there is a membership cost.  Taking this into considerations, a laptop computer can run about $300 to $3,000.  Memberships can run from $250 to several thousands.  Be careful here.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars.  I spent $300 for a membership which was far better than one I spent $3,000 for…my mistake.

  • Where Do I Get Affiliate Marketing Training?

Answer: Training is every where!  Google “affiliate marketing training” and you will come up with hundreds of sites. YouTube had dozens if not hundreds of affiliate training videos.  How about affiliate companies?  A Lot Of Companies.  However, this is were you need to do your research.  Some are good, some are okay and some are poor.  Some ask a lot of money to become a member, some will ask some money to become a member and some will ask for a few dollars.  Research is my best advice.

  • Is Affiliate Marketing The Same As Network Marketing?

Answer:  Affiliate marketing refers to a sales model that uses affiliates, you and me, to offer products or service using online platforms and earn a commission from sales or leads made. On the other hand, network marketing, or MLM refers to a business model based on person-to-person sales by a network of distributors. It entails systemic strategies of recruiting, lead generation and management. The real money made in network marketing is not in the product but in building a team of people or what is referred to as a Downline.

  • How Long Does It Take To Become Successful?

Answer: This again is a difficult question to answer. For some it takes years.  Others months.  And for a very few, weeks.  Why?  Time, dedication, focus, training and experience.  The more time you dedicate to your business the quicker the results.  Better training will result in quicker income.  Experience is by far the quickest way to be successful.  Experience comes from “Doing it” and “Doing it again.”  And then “Doing it once more.”  There is a great book written by a top marketer called The 30 Minute Workday.  The book is Free and provides 184 pages of pure gold. Click here for your Free Copy of The 30 Minute Workday.

  • I Heard Affiliate Marketing Is Hard Work?

Answer:  I love this one.  To become successful in anything requires WORK.  Authors are not successful without putting in the hard WORK.  Movie stars are not top stars without putting in hard WORK.  Popular singers put in many hours of work before making it big, all that hard WORK paid off.  So is affiliate marketing hard WORK.  YES!  A good friend put in hours, weeks months and years of hard WORK.  Today he is earning 7 figures and has been for 15 years.  What I like about affiliate marketing is The Work You Put In Today Will Pay Off Tomorrow, Next Month, Next Year and for Your Life Time.  Yes it is hard WORK but it can be fun, rewarding and profitable.

In Conclusion

As mentioned in the Introduction, these are the most common question I get.  These are quick answers and not in-depth.  The purpose was to get these out of the way so that you can make an informed decision on if affiliate marketing is right for you.

This article is not intended to promote a business or affiliate marketing.  This is Questions and Answers only.

I have other articles that are written for more in-depth information.

Affiliate Marketing Part 1 How To Get Started

Affiliate Marketing Part 2 How To Get Started

Finally, Affiliate Marketing is my preferred business model.

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