How To Become Successful At Affiliate Marketing and Why

There is so much to learn about affiliate marketing because it’s still growing and people are learning new things about how it works every day. Therefore it’s always good to keep an eye out for new ideas about affiliate marketing. Here are some helpful tips on How To Become Successful At Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Something that all affiliate marketers should understand is that in order to make the most amount of money possible, you have to make sure you are dealing with reputable affiliate marketing programs. There are companies out there that are scams or here today and gone tomorrow. Do your research to find a company you can trust.

TIP! Do your research before joining any affiliate program.  Know who are the leader and their reputation.  What is the program?  Are they looking to take your money with out dated training or the latest training?


I was involved with 2 programs years ago.  The first program was lead by a well known marketer who was trying to create a new program. In all of his webinars, he offered so many excuses that it never got off the ground.  I called him out one day on a webinar about all of his excuses that he terminated my membership.  People on the webinar called me a whiner and stayed with him.  The company finally dissolved and a lot of people lost money.  The second program cost several high hundreds of dollar to become a member.  Once becoming a member, I was always presented with upgrades to make more money.  On one webinar, I, and other was hit with another upgrade opportunity that made the 4 time we were told to upgrade for better training and better commissions.  I was now in the thousands of dollars.  I call my sponsor the next day and told him I was quitting.  I didn’t and several years later the company changed direction.  My sponsor quit as well as hundreds of others.

Research your potential affiliate company.

Don’t buy into all of the upgrades.  If you keep getting the pressure to buy multiple upgrades, the program may be looking to get your money with little return.

How To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The affiliate marketing industry offers a great potential to make money online. Apart from being flexible and low-risk, this online business model requires minimal initial start-up costs.

When starting your affiliate marketing business, understanding the basics will help you set reasonable goals and avoid common mistakes.

With a target audience in mind and a platform to start publishing content, the next step is signing up for an affiliate marketing program that fits your requirements.

Simply research companies within your requirements and see if they offer affiliate programs you can be excited about.

When looking for the right affiliate program, consider the following aspects:

Commission Structure

Look carefully at the commission structure.

Do they offer a 10% commission, 20% commission, 50% Commission?

One such company offers a unheard of 80% Commission.  This company is also a low cost membership and has only 2 upgrades.

More About This Unique Company Later.

Depending on the type of products you’re promoting, there are three types of affiliate programs:

  • Low commission, high volume. These programs are low-paying but offer a wide range of mainstream affiliate products. Thus, generating a lot of content and traffic is necessary to reach your revenue goal. An example of this type of affiliate program is Amazon’s.
  • High commission, low volume. With high-paying affiliate programs, you can generate more revenue with fewer sales. They usually include luxury affiliate products like watches, jewelry, and antiques.
  • High commission, high volume. These programs are highly competitive due to their high earning potential. Examples include credit card and web hosting affiliate programs.

Program Alignment and Reputation

Partnering with unreliable program (like I did years ago) can negatively impact your attitude toward affiliate marketing. Before deciding on an affiliate partner, check out online reviews, discussion forums, and social media conversations to evaluate their reputation.

Look at who the founders are, their mission statement and research who are some of the top people in the program.

Top affiliate marketers join top affiliate marketing programs!


See if the program provides additional resources to help you market their program, such as visuals, workshops, webinars, video training and coaching.

Do they have a community you can go to to ask questions?

Without a good support program you may be left to build your business with ups and downs.

How To Market Your Affiliate Business

Do you know the difference between Marketing and Sales?

Most people think of Marketing as Sales.

They are not the same.  Sales need marketing and marketing need sales.

To understand better, the difference between Marketing and Sale…here is an example showing the difference:

Soft drink companies use the media such as radio, television and print to Market their product.  The Marketing tell customers what the product is about and adds a sense of awareness to the customer.  This Marketing produces Sales.  Marketing and Sales need each other.

Most affiliate programs will have coaching or training on how to market their affiliate program.

The most popular Marketing medias are:






All social media programs

TIP! Many programs allow you a free trial in order to see what their program can do for you and give it a try before you commit. Often times not all tools are made available to you, but they give you enough for you to see exactly how the programs will work for you.

Two Types Of Affiliate Programs

There are two types of program you need to know before you start you business.

One type of program is to become an affiliate for an establish company.

Your interest is Baby Shoes.

There are companies that sell baby shoes that have an affiliate program.

Simply apply to become an affiliate for them.  You then promote their products and when a sale is made you make a commission.

There are a lot of companies that have affiliate program to join.





and a host of others.

Here’s Why Should You Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing industry. By 2023, the spending reached around $8.2 billion in the United States alone, up from $5.4 billion in 2017.

Plus, the online business model is a win-win solution for company and you as an affiliate.

It helps businesses attract new customers and help your audience find the best products, income opportunity and services.

Here are additional reasons:  Is Affiliate Marketing Worth The Effort?

Affiliate Marketing Is Low-Cost and Low-Risk Program

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require a large initial budget. Unlike starting a conventional business like an online store, or a franchise, you won’t have to worry about the logistics and costs of product development, maintenance, and shipping.

One such company has all of that Done For You.  All the hard part of starting a business is already done for you.

More Later

While there might be a few upfront costs, mainly for creating a website, no further investment is expected once it’s set up.

It is also low-risk since there’s no penalty fee for unsuccessful sales.

Affiliate Marketing Scales Easily

There is no limit to scaling your affiliate marketing business. You can introduce new products while the existing affiliate content continues to generate profit.

You can also sign up for different affiliate programs to increase your income.

Affiliate Marketing is a Source of Passive Income

Affiliate marketing lets you earn a good income while also developing a steady passive income stream.

However, success is not always guaranteed. Investing time to establish promotional platforms, build an audience, and create traffic sources is necessary.

Nevertheless, once set up, your affiliate links have the potential to make money continuously.

Most Common Question: How Much Money Can You Make as an Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer, your earning potential depends on a number of factors:

How much time you put into your business


The product type

The chosen program

The amount of traffic

Number of conversations

The average affiliate marketer makes around $55,000/year, with the lowest earning around $41,000/year.

Successful affiliate marketers may earn $80 – $200 thousands while top marketers may be in the millions.

TIP! The affiliate marketing model is simple — it is a commission-base referral system. As an affiliate, you market a product for a “piece of the pie.

Home Business

One of the best affiliate products you can sell is actually information on how to become an affiliate. Think of this like network marketing mixed with a little bit of basic Internet home business. This type of affiliate product can sell easily and earn you some big residuals in the process.

TIP! As an affiliate marketer a good thing to remember is that Internet traffic spikes heavily durning holidays. 

The more you learn, the more you have to use when you are making your decisions about affiliate marketing. Any and every tip you learn can help you in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Just remember to keep up to date with the changing market.  Keep learning, respect the business and mistakes will happen plan on it.

Here’s to your success







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